Your Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Dec 27, 2023 | Blog

Keeping your parking lots professionally maintained reflects the quality of your brand, helps make a solid first impression with your clients and provides a safe environment for all visitors.


Here are four areas to help keep your parking lots in top condition.


Repairs, Resurfacing and Striping

Repairs, resurfacing and striping should be part of your regular parking lot maintenance program. As with regular maintenance, these activities enhance the appearance and safety of your parking lots, helping to prevent trips and falls, while keeping parking spaces clearly defined to help prevent parking mishaps.


Sweeping is your main line of defense in keeping your parking lots attractive and safe, and should be performed frequently. The regularity may vary based on traffic volume in your lot. For example, high-traffic storefronts and drive-throughs tend to need more attention than commercial office building lots.


Portering—emptying trash cans, and picking up debris and keeping public areas clean—is typically completed with sweeping. Proactive portering helps keep sidewalks, parking lots, flower beds and other public areas nice and tidy. Portering also keeps trash cans from overflowing, preventing trash from cluttering your lot while improving your overall curb appeal.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized to remove dust, mud and dirt from your parking lots. Pressure washing is critical around main entrances and drive-throughs, where trash and gum are more likely to be discarded and drinks are often spilled.

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